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Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun Saturday!

It seems like weekends are always the busiest days in my family. You would think it would be the day we can start relaxing from a whole week's worth of activities. Well in my family it's the opposite. Last Saturday was unusually super busy.

Mitch helped out a friend moving while the kids and I spent the morning with my mom at Downtown Disney. There's a boutique that we usually go to in the Disneyland hotel and thought that since we were already in the area that we "tour" downtown disney as well.

After that we went home, and got ready to go to Grandma's house. Mitch's brother Dana has a two week vacation from his army tour in Iraq and that was the only day to visit with him. Got there and saw him but only spent less than an hour visiting with him cause Mitch and I have committed to go to the temple that night.

Oh the miles that we were traveling that day was unbelievable. After the temple, we had a late dinner at Applebee's with some friends. It was fun. Lots of laugh going on. It's great to getaway once in a while from the kids.

We finally got to my inlaws house a little before midnight. Talk about late! Whew! I wonder what next Saturday's agendas would look like?

Anyways, can't have a post without some pics. Here's some shots from that day....

you knew that the kids were getting excited when they saw this mickey mouse image just outside the disneyland hotel.

I can't believe that it still feels like winter here in Southern California, I mean we're already in mid march?!

This could've been a great shot if only my kids cooperated!

this little fella was super excited when we got to the lego store. He was already putting together his birthday wish list while we were in the store. Funny kid!

I soooo love this area! The colors just inspired me! I wish I had this kind of storage in my scrap space.

When we got to the disney store, my mom was so kind to get a little something for each of my kid to take home. Marcus got a Pirate's telescope and Maddie picked some princess nail polish. She couldn't wait to get home and try it out.

I wanted to help her out so that her nails would look perfect but she kept on saying "I do it! I do it! " Gotta keep my battles here!

Till next time,

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