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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I can never be a pioneer woman plus a layout....

Wow what a mouthful for a title! So here's the story behind that.....
For my loyal blog followers, you know that we are in the middle of redoing our kitchen. Well this past weekend, hubby decided to work on the plumbing. He figured that since we've already torn down everything, why not change the pipes to copper and change our water heater. Yehey, more more money to spend! Not!
Anyways, he planned everything that he was going to do before hand cause he knew that he only had ONE day to complete the job. Well the one day job turned into a three day project (and still counting). He's been staying up till midnight, and we've been without hot water since Saturday. Now I grew up in the Philippines, and I know how it feels without running water but with the cold weather that we have right now, COLD SHOWERS ARE SO HARD TO TAKE!!!
We were talking at the dinner table last night and I asked him what his next project would be. He said that if he's not done with the plumbing by Saturday that he would continue it then. I said... "Woah! you mean to say we'll have to have cold showers for the rest of the week?!" He started laughing. He thinks this is a big ADVENTURE. Having to wash our dishes in the bathroom sink, filling up jugs and containers of water since some of the pipes were not working and now bathing with cold water! C'mon now, we live in the age of technology and he's bringing us back to the pioneer days! I gave him "the look" and he promised me that he would get it done soon. I don't know how soon that "soon" is but I hope I don't have to take another cold shower!

So now that's out of my chest, how about a layout....

I've been trying to stay up late with Mitch during his long plumbing sessions and on Sunday, I was a little bored, didnt' really wanna play with my scrap stuff so I turned to my computer and made this digital layout....

Mama, I shrunk!

Found this gem of a picture in our March 08 folder. It cracked me up!

So there you have it, an all around funny post.

Till next time,


Kristi B. said...

I can't do a cold shower! I sure hope the work is done soon, but at least it's warming up now.
Good job on the digital layout! :o)

Pamela said...

Great page! :) Hope your "adventure" is over soon. :)