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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stories around here plus an invitation

I've been flooding this blog with all scrappy things so today I feel like I'm stepping away just a little bit from it and talk about funny stories involving my kiddos....

While jumping on the trampoline yesterday with the kids....

Marcus said "I wish I didn't have a sister, I wished I had a brother instead!"
Me- "but why? sisters are fun"
Marcus- I want a brother Mama!
Me- but if Mommy has another baby, I wouldn't be able to take care of you guys well since babies need a lot of work and attention.
Marcus- But we're big kids now, we can take of ourselves.
Maddie- I'm growing up now Mama, I want a cat!

Now how did this conversation turned into a cat? Needless to say both of the kids won't be getting what they want!

And then yesterday at Maddie's preschool class. We were having some fun St. Patrick's day events. The teacher and mom's pretended that there was a leprechaun that came to the class. The moms scattered little rocks outside by the playground that were painted gold. One of the mom's shouted that there were leprechauns outside. All the adults acted like it was really going on that the kids believed it. My little daughter started shaking and being very fearful. I held her hand and continued to comfort her, telling her that it's ok.
She went outside and picked up "gold". All was well. While we were outside, Mrs. Hom got the room all looking trashed. The chairs were all tipped over and some of the visuals on the wall were mixed up. She continued to act like the little leprechauns were messing up the place and this made Maddie really anxious. She wanted to go home! I even whispered to here that this was all PRETEND! I told her that there's no such thing but that she shouldn't tell the other kids about what I just told her. You can tell she was still buying into the whole lie cause she just couldn't relax until finally the teacher just had to tell her that it was all pretend.
I wonder if ,by the teacher doing this that, it spoiled the fun for the other kids? Oh well at least my child is pacified, right?!

My goodness, kids are the funniest people I've ever met!

Now onto an invitation.....
On Friday, I'm doing a FREE make and take project at the SCS board. It's part of their Friday Happy hours. It's going to start at .
Come on over and check it out. Who knows, it might even inspire you to create your very own version.
Here's some sneek peeks....

Till next time,

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