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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What a year it was

Hi there. Hope you all had a great Christmas. Now that the gifts are opened and the parties are done, it's time to look forward to the new year. After all we only have a handful of days left in 2012. But before I plan my goals and make up my map for the coming year, let me quickly reflect on this year's events for each one in my family.
1. Hubby had a very challenging year this year. He's risen up to unexpected trials and I am very inspired by his courage and determination.
2. He hula hooped at a school function. In the 10 years I've been married to him, he still surprises me as to the things he'll try to attempt.
3. Went back to school this year. He's maintained a perfect attendace record and held a 4.0 GPA up to this point. And everyone thought I was the scholar in the family!
4. He impessed me at how good he was at putting together puzzles. We worked on one earlier in the year and it took him about three days to finish it all. If he has more time, I'm sure he'll get into more puzzles if he can.
5. Took the family in our first camping trip since we've moved to Colorado. He was our outdoor guide and he made everything comfortable yet full of adventures during our family camping trip. I know that the kids and I can survive the "wilderness" if Mitch is with us.

1. Took on a few more challenges this year such as a growing Photography business and becoming a college student again. I feel so blessed to be given such great opportunities and I'm grateful for a family that supports me through it all.
2. I was 75% successful in my Project 365 photo challenge this year. I was doing good, taking a picture every single day, up to about October. That's when I had lost the motivation and my brain wasn't in it anymore. I jumped back in December but for most of November, I wasn't taking pictures. :(
3. Upgraded to a better camera this year and I'm loving it! Plus the video capability is making wonders for the way I document our lives now. Snippets of our lives are being captured in moving film. How cool is that?!
4. I wrote my first online article for photography for Ella Publishing. You can read it here.
5. I earned my Young Women Medallion this year. I didn't get my personal progress accomplished when I was young and getting this second chance was a true blessing.

1.Marcus had made some major strides this year, even with the diagnosis of ADHD in the beginning of the year. I'm so proud of his achievements.
2. Wore prescription glasses for a whole 7 days. I am not pushing it anymore but I do wished he's try it again.
3. Is still very addicted to video games. Later in the year he was given the Skylander's game by his big sister and that's all he talks about. That boy sure loves his WII games.
4. Participated in his first Science Fair this year. It was mostly mom that was stressing over it but I'm proud of his efforts.
5. He's getting more and more opinonated about what he wears. I found it exciting to see him pick and choose what he wears for the day plus the reasoning behind it. Sometimes I don't get it but I love that he's thinking for himself.

1. Madelyn is enjoying first grade a ton! She is doing well with her school work and usually needs help with her homework. I love her enthusiasm with school and we feel blessed that she has a great teacher this year. It truly makes a difference.
2. Oh boy, this girl is turning out to be a big diva! She has an opinion about everything. From her clothes to shoes to even what she'd like to be put on her hair. Gone are the days that I can pick her outfits for her and she'll just put them on. Now it's a fight every morning because she wants to have the final say as to what she'll wear. geessshh!
3. I enjoy watching her make and keep friends. She has an official "bff" (best friends forever) and always comes home with tons of stories about friends and classmates. She is friends with everyone and I love that about her. I hope she continues to make everyone her friend and to find the great qualities in every person.
4. She learned to ride her bike this year. With a handful of falls under her belt, I can safely say that she's a bike-riding pro now!
5. Have really embraced the crafts that mom does. She learned how to knit this year and continues to play with mom's scraps and scrapbook leftovers. She's made multiple cards for friends and family and enjoy the crafting time.Dare I say "mini me"?

Thank you for taking a trip back through memory lane with me.

Till next time,

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