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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Quote

I heard a great devotional on Sunday that gave me a great start for the season. The big thing that I got out of it is that during this season I shouldn't 'get stressed out, wrung out or worn out!". If you want to hear more about this great talk, you can watch it here

And because I do want to live this "stress-free" holiday season mantra in my life today, I'm leaving you with this quote. 

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Mary Ann Jenkins said...

What a great quote Grace!! Thanks for pointing it out, I think I'll be adding that to a frame as part of our holiday decor.

Grace Tolman said...

Thanks for stopping by Mary Ann. I'm glad you liked the quote. Have a happy Holidays. :)

Aberfa olwen said...

Such a nice Christmas Quotes Collection i really like this thanks for sharing us...