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Monday, December 17, 2012

Infinite Power of Hope

It saddens me to start my week with a post like this but I think I must add my thoughts and feelings to the very tragic events that took place last Friday in Newtown, Connecticut. It breaks my heart to know that little kids' lives were cut short because of decisions made by one person. This horrific news made me loose some of the hope I had in humanity. But alas, we know that the Lord is above all things. We might never find the asnwers to the many "why's" we have about this event but this I know....He has a plan for each and everyone of us.
I share with you my testimony that through these coming days of despair, sadness and uncertainty, let us turn to the One that will give us hope, comfort and peace. There is strength in the knowledge of the infinite power of hope we can only achieve through our Savior, Jesus Christ.
If you have some time, please watch this quick 2 minute video.
May we all find comfort and peace during these hard times.
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