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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Kid Craft Camp 2012 RECAP part 2

As promised yesterday....here's the continuation of our craft camp recap...

THURSDAY- For today we did wearable crafts like adding a painted shape/image on plain tshirts (I love the many alligator and cupcake images that was painted on tshirts today). We also made a personalized tag with die cut little people and felt bracelets. Some kids did hand sewing for the first time and that got them super excited. For snacks we had "Ants on a log" (cucumber with peanut butter and raisins), some plain cucumber for those that did not like the ants on a log and ritz crackers. We got to play outside today and that made a lot of the crafters super happy.

FRIDAY- Today was a bittersweet day for all of us at this day marks the last day of our craft camp :(
We made two crafts today.... a "count your blessing" plaque and we decorated cupcakes!  I thought the girls how to make flower cupcakes using marshmallows and sprinkles and the boys were digging the worm in the mud cupcakes made out of crushed choco cereal for mud and a gummy worm. We invited the families for a little ending ceremony were we displayed most of the kids' crafts from the whole week and I gave out certificates to all the participants.  We also served those yummy cupcake creations that the kids made as a refreshment along with some cut up veggies and chips with salsa.

So that was our first ever Summer Kids' Craft Camp. I learned so many things about organizing a craft camp but at the same time I felt so proud of my crafters. They did some amazing and beautiful work and I hope that this would be a great start for them to continue making beautiful things everyday.

This is definitely one of the highlights of my summer this year!

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Allison said...

Looks like tons of fun was had by all. Lots of great ideas! :)