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Thursday, July 19, 2012

a birthday recap

So last Saturday was my birthday and with so many ways to celebrate one's birthday...here's how I chose to celebrate mine.....

I decided to make breakfast (french toast,sausage and fruit). Mitch was telling me to eat at Denny's since they give you free breakfast on your birthday but I told him we'll save up our food money for a later meal.

After that, I got ready and drove to the Denver area to window shop at the mall there. I took the kids with me and we visited some of my favorite shops like Anthropologie, J Crew and Forever 21. We also stopped by the Lego store.

ended up not purchasing anything in these stores but getting a full eye candy of their new collections and lines were fun.

the Lego store was having a build a nation program going on and a lot of people participated in building this city in one of the hallways of the mall. I encouraged Marcus to take part but he was a little bit shy.

After we walked around the mall and checked out all the stores we wanted to see....we drove to Krispy Kreme which was just one exit away from us.

the last time I was here, the kids' weren't with us and I wanted them to see how the donuts are made. We got a dozen and had a couple of samplings of our donuts before the we headed home to the Springs.

When we were there, they were cooking/making apple fritters. It was a surprisingly LONG process. I didn't anticipate how slow they move from one part of the proces to another. I love the photo above bec. it shows the conveyor belt where the products are while the kids were reflected on the glass on the far bottom corner of the photo.

this is how they get glazed. They look so great after the glaze shower!

After that we drove back to the Springs and Mitch joined us for a late lunch/early dinner at a Chinese buffet. I chose the place just because I had a coupon for that restaurant *wink*. The place wasn't that bad and because we came in at 3:30 pm, there were no crowds to fight with.

 Everyone was so stuffed after the meal and we headed back home. I left the family and drove to a second hand clothing store after. This was my "me" time and I hit the jackpot! When I walked in the store, the associate asked me if I was there for their bag sale. I replied no and asked for more info. Apparently this store was having a bag sale for all their clearance items. The give you a bag and whatever you can squeeze in that bag that has a clearance tag... you will get for $15. Score!

I went home with two shorts, one skirt, two tops and two purses. Now that's a great way of ending a birthday! Won't you agree?

Anyways, that's how I celebrated my day. Thanks to all that called and greeted me, especially on facebook. You all made my day super special.

Till next time,

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