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Friday, July 20, 2012

Korean BBQ Chicken Thighs

Hello there and welcome to our Food Friday edition.

Today I'm sharing this recipe which can be found here. This is one of the dishes that I have in my chicken dishes board in Pinterest. You can always check out the rest of my pins and boards here.

So my notes on this dish...
1. first off, the recipe is made to serve 2 therefore you will need to recalculate how much of each ingredients you will need if you are feeding a family. I just tripled the amounts mentioned and used about 6-8 thighs so there's enough if anyone wants seconds or for leftovers.
2. I love how I can marinate the meat with the seasonsings for up to 24 hours. I usually start the marination process in the morning so I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day.
3. I also love how it's super easy and yet very tasty. The things that I think makes this delish is the honey (for sweetness), ginger (brings out the Korean flavor of the dish) and sesame oil (again another popular flavor for asian recipes).
4. You do need to fry these babies up so prepare for that. I always have a splatter cover to keep the grease at bay and I have my fan on so the house won't smell like ginger and sesame oil all night long. Although I don't think that's such an awful smell.
5. This dish is great bec. it does not require much unique ingredients (everything can be purchased at your local grocery store) and makes use of an inexpensive cut of meat which are the chicken thighs.
6. Because this is an asian dish....I like to pair it with rice (brown rice for us) and some steamed veggies.

So there you have it.

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