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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Deer Sighting

Ok so you wanna read something crazy? Something, I consider totally Colorado?

Almost a week ago after coming home from taking the kids to swim class, Mitch spotted two deers in the front lawn of our neighbor...right across the street from our home! I brought my camera to swim class and so I quickly grabbed it from the car and started snapping the following photos...

I also got lucky that I had my telephoto lens on which made it perfect to get this shots without having to be too close to the wildlife.

We've been in the Springs for about 18 months now and these are the times when I'm still in shock at how different life here is compared to Southern California. Really, I mean we would never see this in Norwalk!

So there you have it. My latest "only in Colorado" stories.

Have a great Thursday.

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