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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Kid Craft Camp 2012 RECAP part 1

Hello blog friends. Today and tomorrow I'm sharing a bit of what last week looked like. As you know (or you've read in the previous posts) I held a Summer Craft camp for kids at my home. To sum it up in one word would be hard but to try it would be....F-U-N!!!

Here's the first three days for you.... (I apologize now for the low quality photos. I'm a memory preserver and with that I took TONS of pictures that I now don't have any time to edit)

MONDAY- We started off at the deck and because of the natural elements like heat and wind decided that from Tuesday to Friday we will change our location to indoors. The crafts we made this day were....a chore chart frame, bookworm bookmark and Q-tip tree art. The kids got to cool off with the sprinkler and jump on the trampoline. Our snack were cut up strawberries and homemade banana muffin. Some kids were a bit quiet but at the end of the day, everyone got a great start to the craft camp.

TUESDAY- Today we started our crafts indoors. It worked much better since we didn't have to worry about our supplies flying away all over the place. For crafts we made some Campfire caps, stamped papers to make our own designs and made cards for the firefighters who are bravely fighting the fires for us. For snacks we had some cut up veggies and granola bar. The weather was still good that we were able to play outside in between our crafts.

WEDNESDAY- We had to stay indoors the whole time today because of the smoke from the fire. We made recycle crafts today like pinwheel flower pots; treat container from empty toilet paper roll and a Summer minibook. We also made an extra craft which is felt flower hair accesories for the girls and paper airplanes for the boys. I made the boys quickly have a paper airplane contest outside as we couldn't do that part indoors. For snacks we had pb&j sandwiches and cheezits. I learned a new game today as well....shared by one of my campers (Luke). He thought us "Mother, May I" and the kids had a blast!

I'll share Thursday and Friday's recap tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday.

Till next time,

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