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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Marcus' birthday

So last Sunday my son turned 8. We had a celebration all weekend long (swimming and Chuck E Cheese on Saturday) and capped it all off with cake and him opening his gifts on Sunday.

Because his birthday fell on Sunday, all the festivities had to wait till after we came home from church. He sure was a trooper waiting, although he kept on asking me...."is it time Mama? is it time?" You can tell his excitement everytime he asked that question.

So after making him suffer a little longer while Dad went home teaching (visit a family within our congregation to see how they're doing, give them a short spiritual message and see what service he can offer them that month) we finally got the cake out and the presents.

becuase he was waiting so patiently, I let him open one present. Hence the Cars checkers box is not wrapped.

I make my kid's cakes. It's not "cake boss" material but I do and my kid's seem to like my cakes. I asked Marcus before hand what he wanted me to make him and his request was a chocolate and strawberry cake with green frosting and gummy worms. This cake actually resembles his 5th bday cake a lot. See the photo in this post.

I suggested that we add small chocolate chips on the cake in the form of an eight. There was no arguments about it so that's what we did. And because I'm just the best mom out there and that has her brain always in perfect running condition....when I got all the ingredients and supplies to make this cake, I forgot one of the most important supply.....THE CANDLE! Yeah you can tell that I'm losing it when I get the cake fixins and forget the stinkin' candle!!! That is the reason why you are seeing a votive candle on my child's cake. Don't hate please, just understand. *wink*

the family singing the happy birthday song to him.

him blowing his votive candle. LOL.

his gifts- two small ones from the party supply store and a WII game of his choice. He also got birthday money from both sets of grandparents. This boy had some great gifts this year. He couldn't wait to spend his bday money.

this is the game he chose and he's been it playing since.

I made a small round cake since there's just the four of us eating it. It was actually a good size because we had enough leftovers to eat more cake the following night for FHE (family home evening) as our treat.

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