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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kindle Pocket

Happy Tuesday everyone. How was your 4th of July festivities? We had a good one. I snuck out in the morning to go to JoAnns craft store to get some deals, grocery shopping with Mitch (because they're giving an extra 10% discount to active and retired military), tried a swimming hole by Cripple Creek and then BBQ at a friends house. The only bummer thing was that fireworks were banned in the whole state because of extreme fire danger so we just settled in viewing fireworks from afar that was being done at the Air Force Academy. Oh well!

Today I want to share with you a sewing project/attempt I did recently. We got a kindle from a raffle about three weeks ago and I wanted it to have some kind of protection from natural elements and also from "kid danger", so I decided it needed a pocket. Granted there's a bunch in Amazon.com that I can purchase, you know me, I don't really buy stuff anymore, I just make 'em.

I got some 2 yard cut of fabrics at Walmart a couple of weeks ago in their clearance section. They had these fabrics for only $1 each and so I grabbed the designs that spoke to me.

I wanted it to be a bit puffy/soft so it'll protect the kindle better so I machine stitched a batting in between my two fabrics.

The thing that I had the hardest time with is the edging. I had no idea how to add a bias tape on there and the one that I was planning on using was too short for my puffy project so I made my own with a coordinating fabric (also bought for $1 for 2 yards) and used the same one for my ribbon.

Now I'm sure you're wondering, well where's the tutorial for this? To be honest with you guys, I WAS planning on having a step by step tutorial for this. I even had the camera on the table when I started the project but because I felt like I didn't have enough sewing skills to make me a good "teacher" to share the how to on this project, I opted to not take photos. Believe me, if I've did, you'd probably only see photos of me struggling with this project.

I even called my "sewing expert" sister for help on this one as my initial plan was that I wanted it to be reversible. There was even a moment where I wanted to "abandon ship". It was that difficult. But at the end, I figured it was a learning process for me that will "hopefully" help me be better on the next sewing project I tackle.

So with that being said, I urge you try new things and don't worry about the stumbling blocks, they'll make you better the next time around. :)

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