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Friday, July 15, 2011

31 things I did on my 31st birthday

If you are looking for my latest card for the Cardabilities reveal today, please scroll down. :)

It has been such a busy week for me that I've been a bit overwhelmed at trying to be updated with family stories. I'm going to get rid of the guilt and start a new with the latest big event in this household. It's not really a big deal but birthdays, any birthdays, is meant mentioning. Since I turned 31, I decided to make sure I did 31 things on my bday. Just something I thought the last minute to make the day fun for me. Most of the things on this list is random and routine but heck, I needed to list 31!

Ok so here we go....
1. Gave family members hugs after recieving homemade birthday cards from them. I guess Mitch gathered the kids the night before (while I was at mutual) used up Maddie's scrapbook stash and made me cards. How cute are they?!

2. Ate Breakfast (half of a grapefruit, cereal and milk)
3. Read Scriptures (Corinthians chapter 1)
4.. Water my garden/plants. So excited that my radishes and carrots are growing great.
5.Did Yoga.
6.Took pics of latest projects. All through the chaos of this week, I managed to make one layout, 3 cards and a mini. :)
7. Uploaded the photos on the computer and did editing for each photo.
8.Checked my email. Gosh I have a ton of birthday wishes.
9. Read all my birthday greetings on Facebook. I sure felt all the love.
10. Got dressed. Put on something nice (which means not my ordinary tshirt, shorts and flipflops outfit)

11. I even took it to another level by putting some make up on, getting my untamed hair fixed up and putting some nail polish. My version of a birthday pampering on a budget! LOL
12. Made Marcus' birthday card and wrapped up his presents. Since he was born and having our birthdays so close together, my bdays have become a preparation day of sorts for his big day.
13. Typed up visual aids for my lesson on Sunday. Got a cool handout idea from Sugardoodle.net.Love that site!
14. Called Gem (my sister) back and left her a message. I didn't catch her call earlier in the day.
15. Ironed some white sheets that I would be using for photoshoot backdrop.
16. Set up shoot spots in my home and backyard + pulled out all of my props that I'll be using.
17. Practiced best lighting possiblities with Maddie.
18. Had Spaghetti for lunch. Spaghetti is one of my fave dishes and I just so happen to have some leftover from earlier this week. Kinda fun to have one of my fave dishes for a meal on my bday, even if it's the second time around that I was eating it.

19. Talked with YW leaders on the phone.
20. Went to the mall with my kids. Since Mitch was working, I felt like if I wanted to have some "fun" on my special day I need to make it happen even with kids in tow. I didn't purchase anything but the window shopping is always a fun past time for me. I also read parts of a new book I'm reading while the kids played in the mall playground.
21. Took the kids to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. I signed up all the family for their birthday deal so every year, we go to BR to get free scoops of ice cream. Marcus gets one and I give my bday scoop to Maddie.
22. Went to the library. I scored the Jillian Michael's Yoga DVD that I've been searching forever for. That was definitely a great birthday surprise.
23. Got home and picked up the mail (got a bday card from my mom and a birth announcement from a friend in Cali)
24. Went online and answered all of my Facebook greetings. I was tempted to just do a general thank you post but I really felt so special with each and every greeting that I felt like they needed a special and personalize response. It was quiet a task!
25. Checked Pinterest. Always inspired when I go to that site. Added more stuff on my boards.
26. Watched a bit of TV while I waited for Mitch to be ready for my bday dinner.
27. On our way to go to dinner my sweet friend came by to drop this off. I didn't get to eat it till today but it was super yummy.

28. Ate at a Korean BBQ place in town. I rely a lot on Yelp.com for advice/suggestions on where to eat around here. This place that we went to did not offer all you can eat BBQ and the kimchi was so so but the meat was great, lots of great flavor, reasonably priced and not too far from us. Definitely a must return place in my book.

We only bought two meats and it was good enough for all of us to be filled. Not too ful but satisfied. It was great cause then we had room still to have some desert.

29. and for that, we went to Dunkin Donuts. Now I know bdays are associated with cakes and ice cream but since nobody is going to bake that for me around here, donuts is second best!

30. Got home and gave the kids' baths.
31. Watched the "Wall Street" movie with hubby while scrapbooking.

My day was long and as you can see, filled to the brim. I didn't even get to bed till after midnight. But I was very happy and felt so loved by all the well wishes and greetings of dear family and friends.

Birthdays are always sweeter by ending it with some toasted coconut donut!

Till next time,



Anonymous said...

That was good. The 31 things you did on your birthday filled things you will not forget because you documented it and I guess you had a full day. Also if we will take note of everything we do in an ordinary day we can a LOT and MORE don't you think so. One said if you want to do things around give it to busiest person and sure enough it will be done. Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY. So glad the card came just in time.

Love you,

blissfulhealing said...

Today is my 31st birthday and seeing/reading through your blog and pictures was really a special gift to me! God bless you! I'm a mom too and this has inspired me to journal my day as well. Take care Grace! ;)