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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pueblo Reservoir

One thing we definitely miss about California is the water. We miss being able to be 30 minutes away from the beach or about the same travel time to a swimming pool (my inlaws). So this summer has been very different for us, it sure is not the same. But luckily Mitch took us to explore the Pueblo Reservoir last Saturday and Summer might be saved after all! It's no beach or grandma's pool but in the heat of the Colorado sun, it's the best thing we can find. Here's some of the photos from our exploration trip......

The day that we chose was perfect! It was sunny and hot at about 94 degrees. The water was definitely inviting although we couldn't really swim far since the reservoir has a rule of "wading only", meaning you have to be able to touch the bottom where ever you swim to. This is also a protection for the swimmers, since there are a lot of water crafts on the reservoir.

Let me tell you that this photo was not edited! I wanted to show you the beautiful blue skies we always wake up to here in Colorado. No photoshop needed for this!

Maddie upon finding some smooth rocks underneath the water. She gathered a bunch and thankfully was able to compromise with her to bringing home just one. Whew!

Marcus having a blast in the water. The water was a bit cold but when you swim around in it, it gets manageable. You can see the see-doo in the background. These were all over the place during our visit. They look like a lot of fun!

and here's where we rest from the sun. Since this was our first visit in this place, we didn't know what to expect. I was only going to bring a small beach umbrella but Mitch thought it would be better to bring the canopy. It was a good call! We forgot chairs so we decided to pull out our expedition's third row seat so we can lounge in "leather" style. *wink*

we brough a little picnic of sandwiches, pasta salad, apples and baked cookies.

I have to get myself in the photos once in a while. :)

drinking water was our constant companion in this trip too.

then in typical Colorado fashion, the storm clouds came in. See the the dark clouds rolling into our perfect sunshiny day?

The swirling activity off in the distance in this photo made us pack up pretty fast. The group beside us thought it was going to be a tornado. We definitely were'nt the only ones rushing to take down canopies at this point.

and while Mitch rushed to pack us up, his avid photographer wife was taking photos! Thanks dear.

and like clockwork around here, afternoon showers came, even before we left the lake.

All in all it was a fun trip. We will definitely be coming back here when the "missing cali water" fever hits us again.

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Allison said...

Gorgeous pictures...looks like a fun adventure! :)