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Friday, July 8, 2011

Guffey Gorge Swimming Hole

Hello everybody. Sorry I've been a bit of slow here in the blog. July just seems to be one of the busiest months for me with CHA project, birthdays, and this year, I'm planning my son's baptism. Still can't believe he's going to be 8, it seems like just yesterday when I gave birth to him.

So today I want to share some photos of our little trip to Guffey Gorge Swimming hole last Monday. Mitch wanted to explore on 4th of July and we tagged along. To be honest with you, I'd much rather stayed home and relaxed but alas adventure is our middle name and off we went. :)

We drove about an hour to get to our destination and then hiked about 1/2 mile into the mountain to get to the swimming hole.

the hike wasn't too terrible although if I'd do it again, I wouldn't do it in flip flops.

when we got there, it was packed! Apparently we weren't the only one thinking about swimming on that day. Most of the people were young adults and that didn't sit well with me. I could hear cussing off in the distance and saw some smoking and drinking. Definitely not the environment I wanted for the kids.

Thankfully, the crowd died down a bit after an hour and the kids got to play a bit in the water. This hole seemed famous for the cliff diving and it was hard for anybody to swim since there was a constant stream of divers. It was neat though seeing all the crazy ways people dive down. Some of them would dive with their heads first or stomach first (crazy stupid!) and you can hear their big flops into the water.

I love this photo because it shows Maddie's sassiness!

the water was extremely cold so we didn't stay long. Here's a family photo which we took with the camera timer. I propped the camera onto a rock so I can get in the action. :)

I didn't realize that all three of us were wearing black. We were not at all patriotic that day. LOL.

After the swimming hole we rushed to our friend's BBQ and that was great. The only bummer thing about this year's 4th of July is there were no fireworks. We had a statewide bann for fireworks because of the extreme drought and it didn't feel like 4th of July to me without ending it with a bang! Oh well, hopefully next year it'll be different.

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Audrey Pettit said...

What an adventure you had for the 4th. That swimming hole is so cool. We don't have anything like that around here. So glad you had a lovely holiday. Too bad about the fireworks, though. We didn't have any either, because we ended up having a major rainstorm right after dinnertime that washed everything out. Bummer.