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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Never say never....

Did I get your attention with that title? Well I'll talk about that later on but first let me share with you what we did this weekend..

If you've been following this blog, you know that my family usually go on a "day trip" somewhere local wether it be to the park, hiking trail or museum, we're always doing something on Saturday. Well yesterday was still a day to go out (thankgoodness for the sunshine) but instead of driving around the area and exploring we stayed in our home and dealt with this patch of land in the backyard...

Because the sunshine is upon us here in the Springs, it means that we have a go signal from mother nature to start a garden. Now mind you, I've been hearing all sorts of negative things about gardening from locals and friends. They said that it's hard to maintain a vegetable garden around here because of the ocassional hail storms in the summer and the short period of planting since our weather didn't become "garden" friendly till June. But, you know me, I tend to not listen especially when I'm so itching to change this patch of what I'm just assuming to be sometype of expensive flowers to a vegetable garden patch.

So Friday, I started working on it. I was doing it by myself thinking it'll be a great "me" time, pulling plants and weeds.

then I realized how long it'll take two hands to finish the job and so I called for some reinforcements...

I'm trying to be a good mom and not scream everytime dirt flew all over the place, except the garden because Marcus decided to dig like a dog! Maddie was fine, she decided that she'll save every worm she saw on the ground and place them on the edge of the patch. Until Dad told her that she's killing them if they're not in the ground. After that she started moving them around in the soil. Mitch used a shovel and turned the soil for me.

then on Saturday, I broke the blocks of soil with a rake that Mitch turned with the shovel and took out the loosed roots and weeds out of the ground. After everything was done, I had a clear patch.

Later in the afternoon, we went to Home Depot and purchased some small vegetable plants. When we had our garden in Cali we would use seeds and start with that since it was cheaper, but because we had to start so much later in the season for a garden, I decided to purchase ones that are already plants....

I didn't purchase a lot since they're 50 times more expensive than a seed and there weren't much selections, so we only got tomatoes, two kinds of peppers, onions and raspberry.

I placed the raspberry in it's own little plot. I hope this grows well and produce lots of great fruit.

and because the day seemed to all been work and no play, after dinner, we went down to our favorite parking lot and rode our bikes

We're tying to teach Maddie to ride her bike without training wheels. We decided to let her test her balancing skills on the smaller bike instead of new one she has so it'll be easy for her to put her feet on the ground if incase she looses her balance.

I love how this photo evoke what a wonderful dad Mitch is. He is definitely the man to teach the kids to ride their bikes, patient and full of great ideas on how they'll learn the skill. What a great dad the kids have!

ok so we now go to why I titled this post "Never say never". No, I'm not becoming a Justin Beiber fan, although I think he and Selena Gomez makes for a cute couple.....LOL.

No I was referring to this post, when I said that I'll never ride a bike again....

well a week ago, Mitch pulled out this old bike and said that I should "at least" try it once again. He gave me the "for the kids sake" schpill and I couldn't say no to that. So I tried and needless to say this time...I'm actually enjoying bike riding.

we have not ventured past the parking lot so I don't know how I'll do on hills and things like that but so far (crossing my fingers) there have been no accidents that have caused me injuries that scared me for life.

So the lesson of this story is....never say never and riding bikes is really something you never forget. I got on that bike and wobbled a bit but never fell. Who knew it was that easy?

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