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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Patriotic vase + how to

So I've been very impressive with all of the "dollar store" crafts out there. I'm always amazed at the level of creativity some people have to turn items from the dollar store into cool projects/items to decorate their home. So with that I took the challenge of making my own "dollar store" craft.

But before I share with you what I did. I want to make sure I share a sneek peek of a mini I made for Glue Arts. This week's sponsor was Clear Scraps. I decided to make a masculine album since Father's day is coming up. This book will be my gift to hubby. *wink*

make sure you check out more photos of it and my step by step how to on the project in the Glue Arts blog here.

ok so onto my dollar store project....

I made this patriotic vase using products from the dollar store.

here's my supplies- glass vase, white rocks, artificial flowers ( I got two bunches), flag and wide ribbons. Additional tools will be a pair of scissor and glue gun, plus a chipboard star, red button and blue baker's twine.

here's a quick tutorial on the project....
1. Heat up your glue gun.

2. Fold the edge of the ribbon before adding glue gun to it. This will give a nice finish to the wrapped ribbon.

3. Wrap ribbons around the vase, adding hot glue to the edges to adhere. I decided to add them to the center of the vase so the white rocks will be visible on the bottom of the vase. It is part of my color scheme after all.:)

4. Add half of the rocks inside the vase. Cut out the tags from the flowers and stick in between the rocks. Do the same thing with the flag. Move them around until you get the look you want. I bent some of the flowers to give it a look of different heights. *If I willdo this again, I'd grab another bunch of flowers to make the vase a little more fuller looking*. Then pour the rest of the rocks in between the flowers and the flag stick.

5. Then I decided to add some embellishments on the vase so I grabbed some items from my scrapbook stash that fit the theme (white chipboard star, red button and blue baker's twine) I layered the items together and added them to the center of the red ribbon with glue gun.

There you have it. For a few dollars and little time, I know have something fun to display in my front room.

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lrbodine said...

I'm stealing this idea for my mantle! Thanks! :)