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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sky Sox Baseball game

On Friday, the family and I went to a local baseball game. The city's team- Skysox was playing against the Reno Aces.

the reason we went was because we were invited by our realtor to her annual Client Appreciation night. In this event, we were able to watch the game and be treated to a buffet dinner plus the kids got a unlimited pass to the fun zone, all paid for by the realtor. When we got the invite, we knew it was too good to pass up.

Speaking of realtor, here's our great hostess throwing the first pitch of the night.

We were watching up at the balcony (where we had the dinner before the game started) Thank goodness I had my 70-200mm lens so I can capture some of the field shots "upclose" without needing to be "too close" to the game.

here's the SkySox fox mascot doing this thing!

While Mitch was watching the game, I took the kids to the fun zone where we spent most of our night. They couldn't get enough of the big slide!

I love how I was able to capture the genuine joy on the kid's faces right after they slide down.

the fun zone was located on the far edge of the field and the balcony was on the other end. While with the kids, I took a photo of Mitch watching the game with one of his friends (which was the one that introduced us to our realtor). I know you can't see him clearly but Mitch is the one with all black standing by the balcony to the guy with the red shirt. Remember, my camera can only zoom up to 200mm, hence the photo.

The game finally finished at about 10 pm with Sky Sox winning. Woohoo!!!

Here's the teams giving their high fives after the game ended.

And after the game, we were able to watch a firework display. The kids' loved it! It was awe inspiring how much art fireworks can produce. Just wonderful!

so another thing to note about this event was that the realtor held a raffle for all the people in attendance. The biggest price was a Kindle.

I was with the kids at the fun zone while the raffle was taking place but guess who won the biggest price....

US!!!How lucky are we! First we got to go to this awesome event, without spending any of our money and then to top if off, we got to take home the biggest prize in the raffle.

Like I said, I was not there when they called our number so I was not able to take a photo of Mitch grabbing the prize. So I ended up getting a shot of him with our prize a day later.

We've never had an e-reader before so maneuvering through our Kindle has been interesting and a learning experience but so far, it's been great! This specific model even comes with a 3G wifi, so I'm able to get a sneek peek of my email when I'm not close to the computer. How fun is that?!

So that was our eventful Friday.

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