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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wrestling camp

so many stories to tell, so little time.
It's funny how when you thought you've gotten caught up with the blog then BAM! events happen one after the other and then you're left scrambling for time to upload photos and blog about them.
That's my situation right now so with a heads up to my crafty readers, for the next three days, I will be sharing photos and events. No need to fear though because the crafty goodness will return on Tuesday (I'm hoping!) :)

Let's start with wrestling camp, shall we.....

This past week, Marcus attended Wrestling camp at the local high school. It was organized by the same coaches that started the Wrestling lessons/practices last Winter.
Mitch went with him on all four days (it was only 2 hours per day for four days) so I didn't get to see my boy in action but at the last day Mitch brought the camera and here's some snippets of what Marcus did at camp.....

stretching in the beginning is an integral part of the sport.

Marcus enjoyed his time, although Mitch said that he wanted to play with the boys more than learn the moves. Marcus was also thrilled to see a boy that goes to his elementary school participating in the camp. He loved the idea of having an instant friend right away.

On the last day of camp, they had sparring sessions and Marcus won two of his three "fights".

At the end of each day, the guys get to have a popsicle for a treat.

So that's Wrestling camp. Short, sweet and a good refresher for Marcus. The coaches will begin Wrestling practices/lessons early this year (in the fall) so we're looking forward to that. This will allow Marcus more time during the season to learn and master the moves.

That's it. We are proud of our growing boy and all that he's exploring right now.

Till next time,


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