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Friday, June 10, 2011

Lately indulging into...

It's Friday. Yipee! Even though it's Summer and everyday seemed to have been a Saturday or Sunday with no pressing matter to worry about, I'm still looking forward to the weekend. There's something about it that says it's an official time to relax. :)

Well today, I thought I'd break up the craft posts here with a share of things that I'm "digging" right now.

Ever since I've become consumed with crafting, music has become a necessity. There's something so inspiring about tunes that either gets me groovin or helps me think about scrapbook journaling or themes.

Lately, I've become hooked on these.....

my favorites are: Love is blind, Doesn't mean anything and Like the Sea

I got introduced to her by my sister Glady and I'm so happy she mentioned Adele to me 'cause I'm so inlove with her voice! My favorites are- Rumour has it, Turning tables and Someone like you

I have her first album and this second one didn't disappoint. I wish I sang like her. My faves are- Happy, Love Letter and Lost then found.

and my constant addiction lately....is Pinterest!

I've heard about this for a while now and resisted big time because I didn't want another thing to get me sitting infront of the computer more than I'm already doing. But alas, all the resisting didn't stop the inevitable. I'm constantly adding to my board and browsing through the many pins people add to their boards.

If you wanna follow me, just click on my Pinterest banner on my side bar to the right here. The red button. :) Everytime I go in the Pinterest site, I'm always amazed (and a bit intimidated) at the cleverness, creativity and pure genius of people out there. I'm telling you, this crafty girl is in awe at the inspiration that abound there. If you're crafty or just has that itch to be inspired...Pinterest is a MUST!!!!

So that's it. We are going to a baseball game tonight. Never have gone to one so I'm super excited.

Have a great weekend.

Till next time,


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