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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday's Excursion- Fort Carson

It's Sunday and we are just one week away from Easter. How am I feeling right now? Aaacckkk! Yep that about sums it up. Right now, with all the things that this week entails, I'm just going to take this day to breath, regroup and hopefully get some stuff checked off the list.

And while I'm taking a breather, how about a post about our latest day trip. As most of you know we've been taking the time to really check out our new "home". I never really realized how much Colorado Springs has to offer until I started checking out the places that my family and I can explore here.

Yesterday we checked out Fort Carson. During Spring break, we saw the Air Force Academy and so it was just fitting that we checked out Fort Carson too.

There's no Museum inside the base, although the guards did say that they are in the process of building one, but they had a good amount of tanks and helicopters displayed on the grounds which we were able to check out. Here's some pics. I took too many photos to fit in one post so I "tried" to pick the best.

Here's the A1 Abram (spelling?) tank. This is the one that Mitch worked in at while he was in the Military. It was great for us to show the kids these kinds of things. It has both historical significance as well as personal.

and of course I had to take a photo of Mitch with it too. :)

They had built a memorial wall (actually walls) with names of fallen soldiers.

The kids' loved our visit to Fort Carson. Their most favorite part, I think, would have to be the fact that they were able to climb the tanks and helicopters plus go inside some of them. They were having a blast going through each one. Here they are atop one that was (according to Mitch) used in WWII.

It was a good spring day yesterday that I was able to wear my flats to this trip. My feet needs the sun, it's looking really pale from wearing socks all winter long. :)

Here's a little fun self shot infront of one of the tank's headlights.

the tracks/wheels that these tanks have are so amazing and super huge too. Mitch said that when these tracks breaks down, it was such a pain for them to fix it. I can only imagine!

I love that because Mitch used to work in the tanks, that we had our very own tour guide with us. He was able to show the kids where the doors, windows and where the missiles would've been located in the tank.


just another fun shot. Playing with my depth of field here.

these is what the kids looked like most of the time. Getting up and down tanks. So fun!

We went inside the base and we saw some more tanks and helicopters.

We got to go inside this transport helicopter. Marcus was sure fascinated with it and was even pretending he was flying it. We told him that he can do this when he grows up if he can get into the Air Force Academy. Mitch and I have talked about this and getting Marcus in the Academy would be a dream for us.

Mitch in the passenger seat of the helicopter.

Those tracks are humongous!

Another tank.

a close up photo of one of the armored truck.

we opened this one tank and here's the peek inside. It looks gross now because of all the rusty interior but I was impressed at how big and spacious some of these tanks were. I can only imagine the stories these great vehicles have.

So that' is. Another trip made, and now documented and shared.

Till next time,


Anonymous said...

Hi! You can never measure the depth of each field trip you make as a family. But I am pretty sure it is a learning experience and it will be a link in their future learning situation in school and even in the outside world. You just continue to expose them and later they will be the one to sift the information presented to them. But GOOD JOB.

Audrey Pettit said...

What a fabulous field trip you guys took! Educational and fun all rolled together. Love all your photos. :)