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Monday, April 11, 2011

Blodgett Park and Open Space

So it's another Monday and you know what that means....another weekend flew by and another trip made on Saturday.

We hiked up Blodgett Park and Open Space on Saturday. It wasn't too bad. At first, I wasn't looking forward to it because it was super windy but then after some time hiking, I realized that with the sun shining, having the wind blowing was actually a welcomed thing. I mean, if it was hot and no wind blowing, it would've been hotter hiking up the mountain.

So the first photo of the day was this....

when we got to the parking lot of the park, Mitch saw this. It is broken leg of a deer. Mitch thinks that the deer was caught by a mountain lion and this is a leftover of his feast on the deer. Yeah, way to start our hike right?!

So with some worry, I chugged along with everybody else making sure I'm close enough to my family that if anything tries to "jump" or attack me, my husband will rescue me. :)

the park had a few trails and we picked the one that started off through a maze of barren trees.

here's my stylish little girl sporting some sunglasses and a hiking stick! Super cute!

here's me and the kids. As you can see, with the wind blowing and we were underneath the trees, it was a bit cold. Later on you'll see that we will be shedding the sweaters and jackets bec. of the heat rising.

The kids saw a butterfly along the path and Maddie is in this photo trying to touch it.

Here's my boy, striking a pose with a hiking stick on one hand and a wooden gun on the other. Seriously my kid's have weird accessories in this hiking trip!

The kids loved this spot! On the way back, we took the same trail and we had to stop at this area again while they played with the small water running through this tunnel.

We saw some cool rock formations.

and our final destination was this water tank where you can have a good overview of the city. As you can see, I was pretty far from my family. I don't do heights very well *wink*

taking a bit of a break. For some reason, my kids' was a bit sluggish in this trip. They were dragging their feet on our way up. I have a feeling that our hiking days might slow down from here. Maybe we need to change things up a bit.

On the way down with the view of the city in the far distance.

The family, with sweaters now off (because it got too hot) and the mountains in the background. Lovely area!

So that's our trip! Short and sweet and another thing to check off our "must see/visit" list.

Till next time,

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Anonymous said...

Maddie had grown a bit, ha! Glad there is nothing hiding there to surprise you. Do you see other people around in those places? Baka kayo lang di ba delikado?
concern lang.