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Friday, April 8, 2011

Knitting needles storage

It's Friday and good golly thank goodness it's Friday. I've been sleeping late this past week (busy doing projects and watching TV) that I'm soooo looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

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Ok so onto the meat of this post....

Most of you know that late last year I was introduced to knitting by my good friend Tiffanie. After having to pack all of my scrapbook stuff, my busy hands were looking for things to do and she was kind enough to teach me this new skill.

Well fast forward to today and I'm still knitting. I don't make it too complicated and have not delve into doing projects that would require much brain power but I've proudly made scarves, little bags and now working on a sampler blanket.

So with this new found love for yarn and knitting needles, I've come across a bit of an organizational problem.....where to store my growing knitting needles???

I know there's lots of storage solutions out there and I'm sure they all do the job but if you know me, you would've predicted that I'd make my own instead......

Now before I continue, let me warn you that I'm not good at sewing. Not by a long shot! I've done blankets before and could do a pretty decent straight stitch but as embarrassing as it may sound, I use my sewing machine more on stitching on paper than on fabric.

That is why when I decided to dive into this project, I had to call my mom (who's a fantastic sewer and quilter) to give me some pointers. I have some fabrics (not a lot) in my stash and decided to rummage through their for this project.

Basically I put two fabrics together in a rectangle shape with fabric fusing in the middle for some stability and sturdiness and stitched it up together.

I added some pockets on one of the fabrics first before I stitched the two together. I wanted to use a more mellow print against the striped background and only found these dot design but was already cut smaller, so I stitched them together to make a bigger piece and used that for the pockets.

Now I have my needles organized by numbers in the pockets.

I stitched a grosgrain ribbon on the front fabric to finish the whole thing.

And viola...after an hour of messing around with fabrics and my sewing machine, I've made myself something useful and pretty as well.

I have to tell you that after this little project of mine, I had the urge to go to the craft store and get me more fabrics so I have more to choose from next time I get the want to sew up something. Oh more things to collect!

Thanks for stopping by.

Till next time,

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Nati Tristan said...

That is a cute cute idea!