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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm a 90's kid

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Just made me realize that again this morning when....
I just came back from running around the neighborhood and I had Black Eyed Peas playing in my MP3 player and I came into my room and did the "running man" dance move in front of Mitch and he looked at me so weird!
I said..."don't you remember the running man?"
Mitch smiled and said he doesn't know that dance and that he never did that when he was growing up. For those who doesn't know my husband is a decade older than me. And then he proceeded to show me his "break dance move"!

It's funny, the things that we remember of our teenage years and that every generation is different.

That's it for today.

Oh BTW, does any of you know where I can find nice and cute dresses that are BELOW the knee? I spend the whole day searching the outlet mall for it and couldn't find any. Even the sales people in the stores I went into, nodded their heads in the negative when I would ask. Some even looked at me like...why does that matter?! I guess wearing dresses in the conservative side is not the norm anymore. Bummer!

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