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Sunday, April 3, 2011

General Conference

Happy Sunday everyone.
Just finished a weekend listening to some pretty inspiring and testimony building talks from our church leaders.

As most of you know I'm an LDS and twice a year we have a weekend called General Conference. This is a series of two hour sessions where our church leaders and the Prophet speaks to us about things that will help us be better individuals and members of the church.

I'm so blessed to be in a time where technological advances lets me participate in these wonderful experiences in the comforts of my home. The conference is held at Salt Lake City, Utah but is telecast via satellite and through the internet all over the world.

This year, we were able to hook up Mitch's laptop to our big TV and watch all the sessions through the live feed in the LDS website.

We have always been advised to have a pen and paper on hand when we listen or watch conference. In this way we can jot down quotes and messages that touches us and be able to study more about the messages/lessons that we've heard even after the conference is over.

Some of the things that I wrote are...
"The power of our covenants (promises) are greater than the challenges we will face."

"Our Savior is not a silent observer, He suffered pain too, much more than we have."

"Women don't need to apologize about raising children but we also should not easily criticize women who choose to work outside of the home."

"If you are offended- forget it, forgive and leave it alone."

"Don't let fear displace your faith."

"Desired dictate our priorities; Priorities shapes our choices; and choices dictates our actions."

"Possession or Profession should not define somebody's self worth."

"He (the Lord) entrusts the truth to those that will share it with others. "

Here's Mitch sustaining (giving our full support) the leaders of our church.

Since we have little ones, it's hard to keep them sitting down for the whole 2 hours. So I went online and printed some activity sheets that they can do while we listened to conference. I had high hopes for these sheets but alas, my kids want to be difficult so they only worked on it for about 10 minutes before they were begging to play! So much for all my hardwork printing all 14 pages (front and back)! Oh and I might add that I had to print everything twice, so each one would have a booklet to work on.

and here's me working on some flyers for an Easter Program our ward is putting together this year. I made these flyers and printed all 250 sheets when we realized that I didn't edit the final copy to show the correct time. aaahhhh!! So to remedy my booboo, I printed off some itty bitty sheets of adhesive backed label papers and added the correct times on the flyers. It wasn't that hard but I felt so ditzy for not seeing the mistake from the beginning.

like I said, the kids didn't last for more than 15 minutes listening to the sessions. We had to let them go and here they are playing their games for the rest of the time.

After I finished my little flyer project, I knitted the rest of the time of watching conference.

So there you have it. No big excursions this weekend, instead we were home being spiritually uplifted. I guess we need those days where our bodies are in rest and our minds and spirits get the boost it needs.

Till next time,


Lori said...

Grace, I love what you jotted down. I may have to borrow yours as we were at one of the boys baseball games on Saturday. I listened to some of Sunday's Conference while I was preparing for Cassidy's tea party with her Aunt and cousin. Rainbow jello takes over 3 hrs. to make, ugh. Cassidy can't wait to visit Maddie. I just hope we will have time to visit this summer. The kids activites are making it difficult. Glad you had a spiritual and uplifting weekend.

Anonymous said...

Grace, liked what you have gathered. I have some too and might share it later. Been watching again since we have wifi up here in Malibu. It is a wonderful time were we sit there and really pay attention to every word. Though the responsibility is great because you got to be sure were not hearers only but doer. Keep it up.