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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter festivities

Whew! What a weekend. Well much had happened here in the Tolman home for just one weekend and I'm afraid it's going to take three posts to share what we've been up to. So without any further unimportant babble from me...here's what we did....

We had Mitch's long time buddy, Brandon, come over with his kids and we did an early Easter Egg hunt plus coloring of eggs. We also had some yummy lunch to go with all of the fun. Here's some photos....

As most of you know, I do not post other people's photos, except family, in this blog so you won't see our friends here but rest assured that they were having fun with us the whole time. {why you might ask....with all the things going online where your personal security is not safe anymore, I'm opting to keep their privacy in tact here in the blog. :) }

These are the eggs that the kids colored. They made just a BIT of a mess which was a relief for me.

One thing I've learned about Colorado Springs is that, the weather is so finicky. Today we have planned on grilling some steaks outside but when it was time to cook, it started raining so we had to go with plan B and cooked our meats on top of the stove instead.

We served the steaks with some pasta salad, jello layered salad and this cake that is my go to cake during special occassions. It's so easy and yet has that elegant look to it.

After lunch, the rain stopped long enough where we were able to have our Egg hunt in the backyard. The dads did the hiding and we had the kids go crazy with the hunting. Since Marcus had become really fast in grabbing the eggs, we made sure that we gave the little ones enough "headstart" before him.

This boy amazes me. Even being the last one, he still got the majority of the eggs. He's one fast egg hunter!

my kids' have become really competitive between each other. They were on top of each other most of the time during this egg hunt.

just racing away each time!

So there you have it. Some great time with friends and lots of candies/sweets to keep our kids hyperly active for the next two weeks!

Till next time,


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Nati Tristan said...

You all seemed to have had a wonderful time! God Bless you with any more joyous moments like these! And that cake sure does look delish!