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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter day

In all my life Easter has been pictured like this.....Nice bright sunny day, with blue skies and perfect weather. Well I guess in some parts of the world, ummm, like Colorado Springs, Mother Nature has a different picture of what Easter looks like. Here's what we saw Easter morning....

I have to say, I was so bummed when I woke up with snow on the ground. I mean, it's Springtime, should'nt it be green and gorgeous outside? Plus the weather didn't match with our "springtime outfits!" Yes that was my dilemma for that day. But alas, with my need to be "fashion forward" I braved the snow in my white cute sandals! That's the cali girl in me. LOL

After a quick breakfast, we got ready for church. Our sacrament service this year is 9 am and that means that things are pretty rushed on Sunday mornings, well this day, I took some extra time helping the kids get ready (fixing their hair and making sure they're perfect in their outfits) that we were late for church! Good thing our chapel was only 8 minutes away!

After church, we did our annual Easter family photos. Like I said, in the land of great weather aka California, we usually do it outside but this year we had to stay indoors and set up our little photo shoot between the living room and dining room. Thank goodness for neutral colored walls!

You all know that I'm the photographer in the family and so to get this shot, I had set up my camera on a tripod and caught this with a remote. See our color scheme? This is the first year that I made sure we were all matched. The nautical color scheme came together because of Maddie's dress. That was my first purchased and then I built up the rest of the families outfits with that color in mind.

where's my baby??? Marcus looks so grown up in this photo. Oh I'm not ready for preteen yet!

here's another baby turned into a beautiful young girl. :)

Here's Mitch in his new suit and very nice tie. He was still scruffy in this photo because our Easter Open House ran both Saturday and Sunday. He shaved it off yesterday.

and me!

After this little photo shoot and a quick change of clothes we went to our friends, Larry and Anna, for an Easter lunch and more egg hunt for the kids.

Then we rushed back to church to do another session of the Easter Open House.

And finally we finished off our Easter day with a late dinner consisting of yummy leftovers. *wink* and some needed downtime.

So that's it. Our Easter weekend was definitely full of memories and I feel so blessed to be reminded annually of the great gift of the Atonement, our Savior has given us.

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Nati Tristan said...

Those are wonderful pictures! You all look so nice in your outfits! What beautiful tradition to take an Easter Family Picture!