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Thursday, April 7, 2011

and they said...

Hi everyone.
First off....thanks to everyone that "celebrated" with me yesterday. Your kind words really touches my heart. I feel so ordinary among all the big names in this industry and for me to have opportunities like these really tells me that anything is possible if you dream! Again thanks!

Ok so lately I've been having some fun conversations with the kids and I just thought of jotting them down here before they get totally lost in the memory bank...aka....my sometimes overwhelming brain!

The other day I was helping Marcus with homework. We were reading a book about gardening and I've mentioned to him how I'm so anxious to start a garden here. We then started to reminisce about the garden back in Cali and our life there. I asked him which place does he like living better, Cali or here? and he said.....
"I like it here better!"
I asked why and he said....
"Cause we have a bigger house!"
I guess he liked that we've moved up in house size. Funny dude!

Then yesterday, Maddie and I went to the mall. *side note* Can you believe that in the whole month of March I did not step into a mall?! Shocking how the Colorado life have even changed my shopping habits.
Anyways, we walked by the area where the mall staff have set up for the Easter bunny. You know the area where you can take photos with the Easter Bunny?
So after passing the space, Maddie turned to me and asked me if the Easter Bunny was real or just pretend?
I didn't know how to answer that and instead returned the question to her and she said...
"I think it's just pretend and that somebody is in that Easter Bunny suit that makes it move. "
I said- "But who do you think puts all those fun things in your Easter basket?"
she said- "Well somebody can put the stuff in there. I mean how can Easter Bunny go to all the kid's houses on Easter morning?"
I said- "Well Santa does it!"
and the conversation ended at that. Mitch told me that I should'nt have talked about Santa. Maybe he's right but my question to you is....how long will I let my kids believe? I mean they're starting to realize the truth to this madness that we started for them. I think it'll be easier for moms if the kids know. That way we can shop for their Easter basket items when they're with us!

So that's it. Kid's do say the darnest things!

Till next time,


Nati Tristan said...

Whoa! I think you handled the Easter Bunny question wonderfully.. I would of been UMMMMMMMMMM... lol! Kids are awesome!

Hannie C said...

ya.. i would like to know too, about the part of santa and bunny. mine is more on santa, when should I really tell? or maybe just treat santa as someone who is there to give...