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Friday, February 22, 2013

My Valentine's Day Surprise

Oh thankgoodness for Fridays! Don't you feel the same way? There's something about the idea of another week coming to a close and getting the weekend as a break from it all seems so inviting to me.
So last week we had Valentine's day. The day full of love, hearts and sweet treats. I was so busy that day attending classroom parties of the kids, going to class that night and being invited to the best ladies brunch ever. It was fun but I felt like I was constantly looking at my watch to make sure I'm not super late to my next appointment or agenda on the list.
Because my day was packed, I didn't even make an effort to make anything for my hubby. After 10 years of marriage, I felt like Valentine's day was just another day and we can show our love for each other any other day. After all there was that other 364 days in a year that we can do that.
I felt so bad when he came home from his externship bringing me these....
Yes my not so spontaneous and not quite romantic of a husband brought home a dozen roses, some See's candies and a card. All for me! It was definitely a surprise. I was ashamed that he even got me a card and I didn't even rummaged through my piles of handmade cards in my scrapbook room to reciprocate the sweet gesture. What a lame wife I have become. :(

the card was super cute. It started off as a regular sized card and the sentiment goes on and on while you unfold the paper ending up with this huge sentiment. Very cute. I definitely give him 10 extra points for it.
So there you have it. Through this year's Valentine's day surprise, I have learned two things...never underestimate the ability of a non-romantic husband to surprise you with lovely and sweet things on this special heart's day and even after some years of marriage....Valentine's day is never over-rated.
Now off to plan my comeback for our anniversary in May. *wink*
Have a great weekend.
till next time,



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Beautiful flowers! xoxo

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