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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Recap

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break. Ours was great and might I add, a new adventure. This was our first year that we decided to spend the whole day on our own. Without family and friends. Not that we were trying to be anti social but we wanted to try some new things and maybe start up some new traditions.
So here's how our day went...
We had a slow start to our morning, sleeping in and having a big breakfast. I had to finish some homework so we didn't really start getting our "thanksgiving" activities going till close to noon.
Since we had a heavy breakfast and wanted to save our leftover calories for the day for our Thanksgiving meal, we headed out and went on a bike ride instead of having lunch. We tried the Santa Fe Trail which we've never tried before. It was ok and the views were pretty, although I would have to say that I am much happier on a paved trail. Bumps along the road makes me feel uneasy, especially for the kids.

After our bike ride, we headed to Cracker Barrell. They were having a Thanksgiving dinner special and we took advantage of it. It was an hour wait to get seated so to pass the time, we browsed through their country store. Marcus found this checker board in one of the aisles and we had an impromptu game.

After our window shopping we spent the rest of the time waiting outside sitting in the store's many rocking chairs.

and finally they called our name and we got seated. The one hour wait gave us enough time to think about our choices so when the waitress came, we already knew which side dishes we were going to have with our traditional turkey/ham dinner. I chose to have sweet potatoes and turnip greens with mine. Mitch chose turnip greens and mashed potatoes. Marcus got mashed pototaes with his and Maddie got pineapple.

Our meal came with dessert and so I tried their Pumpkin Streusel pie. Mitch and Maddie chose the same thing and Marcus opted for the traditional Pumpkin pie.
After our wonderful meal, which we had plenty of leftovers of to take home, we headed out and tried another new thing....

We watched a movie. The movie Brave (Disney movie) was playing at the cheap theater and we caught the afternoon showing. It was really cute and the kids enjoyed it.

After our movie, we did a little bit of shopping hitting Michael's craft store first and then braved the 8pm Black Friday madness at Walmart. Here's a little glimpse of the madness...a parking lot full of cars and people everywhere. They had some WII games that the kids were wishing for for Christmas and as usual Walmart had the best prices in town. We got our games, paid for it and bolted out of there. This was my first year to ever be in a Walmart store during the crazy 'black Friday' shopping and I have to say....it's C-R-A-Z-Y!

It was truly a packed day full of new memories and adventures. This year's events will definitely go down in history as a first and I hope that some of the things we did will become new traditions.

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