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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Party

The day before Halloween, our ward (church congregation) had our annual Fall Festival. Here are some photos from that fun night...
I scored the kids' costumes at a local outlet store for....are you ready?....$6 each! Yes that was definitely a deal. Maddie was Mulan and Marcus was Darth Vader. We were very happy with their costume and the fact that I didn't have to slave sewing their outfits makes this mama extra happy.
They had this cool photo-op board just outside the church building.
We started the night with games and activities for the kids then everyone had some wonderful dinner of chili, mac and cheese and brownies. There was a contest for chili and brownies so it was an extra special delight to get to taste all sorts of varieties for those two dishes.
After that the kids had a quick Costume parade around the cultural hall and I tried to get the kids photos but as you can see I was not fast enough for them...

After that they started the "trunk or treat" at the parking lot of the building. Here's "mr. Earl" giving out candies to the kiddos.
and here's "darth vader-vampire" enjoying his walk around the parking lot and collecting all sorts of candies..

My favorite highlight of the night was winning the "hottest chili" award! Going into the contest, I knew that my chili recipe won't win the "overall best" but with some asian chilis that I had saved from last year's backyard garden I knew I had a chance to win the "hottest" category. Super excited for our win and I'm definitely going to grow more of those Thailand chiles so I can have a chance again next year. *wink*

So you wanna know who I took to the party? Meet Mr. Earl! He's the alter-ego of my loving husband. Isn't he just so handsome?
Mitch has worn the teeth and hair before but I have to say, it never gets old!

and I decided to be a "cowgirl". We weren't coordinated this year as far as costumes so I just went with an easy get-up. What do you think? Oh I had white boots too, just didn't show up in this photo.

So that was our party.I hope yours was super fun too.

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