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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Palmer Park Hike 2012

Our church time changed a few weeks ago from 11am to 1pm so it's really hard for us to do anything "outdoors" during Sunday. But before we had changed into this new time slot, we were able to squeeze in one more excursion. It's been over a year since we had hiked the hills of Palmer Park. We love how this park is right smack in the middle of the city but once you are in the park, it's hard to tell unless you come up to the top of the ridges and rocks and see the great views of the buildings surrounding the area.
As you all know, pictures are very important for me but I have to admit that on our way to the park, I was not in the mood to be the shutterbug so I handed my husband the camera and for the first half, he was the photographer. This was a nice break and I was very grateful for him for letting me be infront of the camera for a change. Here are some pictures of our hike...

and after about 45 minutes of hiking, we stopped and had a snack. Mitch handed me the camera at this time too so for the last half of our trip I was the one taking pictures...

snacks of champions!

When we got done with our hiking, we explored a little more by driving around the area and found this great overlook spot. See that mountain range infront of Mitch, in the distance? The highest point of that is Pikes Peak. Great views in this spot, I love it!

So that's our last Sunday excursion for now. Hopefully next year we will change our church time back to mornings and we can spend the afternoon enjoying mother nature again.

Happy Tuesday.

Till next time,

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