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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jack-o-lantern making 2012

So last Monday we finally decided to make our Jack-o-lanterns. I had thought about it in the beginning of the month but somehow I totally lost track of time and before I knew it, Halloween was only two days away. So off I went to King Soopers (local grocery store) to get our pumpkins and to my disappointment, the choices were very limited. :( Next year I will make a mental note to get to the store "at least" two weeks before Halloween so I can get some good pumpkins for our Jack-o-lanterns!
Anyways, we carved our pumpkins as our Family Home Evening activity last Monday. The kids are old enough to help out with the task of scooping the seeds and cleaning the inside of the pumpkins so I  made them to all that work. Finally, I'm not the only one doing all the work!
Here's some photos of a favorite Halloween tradition...

I had the kids draw on paper what kind of faces they wanted and then I transfered those images to the pumpkins and carved away.

After about 30 minutes here's the result....
Marcus, of course, wanted his pumpkin to look scary and Maddie wanted hers to have hearts on the sides. She even added eyebrows! Oh the beauty of having a girl and a boy in my life!

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