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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Taking A Fall Ride

Fall starts early around here. We began seeing the leaves change in our neighborhood as early as September and we had wanted to drive up the mountains to see more of the beautiful "fall" landscape so finally at the end of Sept. we found some time after church and these are some of the photos of our little drive up the mountain....

We were exploring through unpaved roads and found a sign for a park so we stopped and decided to walk around.
At the parking lot, we found an old fashion water pump. The kids were curious about it and I thought this photo was funny of Maddie trying her hardest to pump. It was so rusty and heavy that she was dangling on the handle instead of pulling it down.
Finally Mitch and Marcus got it to start pumping. Teamwork makes a big difference.
And the fun part...water actually came out. I love the look on the kids' faces. They've never seen such a contraption before.

We were walking around and I was taking some photos of the scenery and the family when a man passed by with his kids and offered to take a picture of us. Love it! I'm trying to conciously get in the photos as well.

Since we weren't sure how long our little excursion would take, I made some sandwiches and packed up a picnic dinner for the family. We ate at the parking spot by the trailhead of the park. It was getting cold and we were glad that we didn't stay for very much longer after this.

So that was this year's "fall" ride up the mountains. How did you welcome fall in your area?
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