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Friday, October 12, 2012

Maddie's cake + cupcakes

So as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I used whatever cake making skills I had into creating my daugther's birthday cake and cupcakes. I have to say that the marshmallow fondant recipe and skill I do have is all because I had a great friend, Becky, that taught me. I will be forever grateful for her for sharing her talents with me. :)
So here's the cake. I used whatever boxed cake mix I had on hand and that was a chocolate and butter pecan cake mix. Maddie wanted two choices so her friends/classmates would have an option. She initially wanted chocolate and vanilla but since I didn't have vanilla on hand, I went with what I DID have in my cupboard.

I used my 40% coupon at Michaels to get me a fondat flower cutter which I used to decorate my cake.

I made the fondant the day before and spent Thursday morning coloring some of them for the different accents and used the rest of the white to cover the cake.

I also made some cupcakes to take to the school and topped that with fondant as well.

I added some frosting on the cupcakes first so that the bottom (round purple shape) fondant will stick to the cakes. Then I used water to adhere the rest of the stacked layers.

It was definitely a labor of love and now I need to make a mental note to do the same for my son on his birthday next year. Do you think he would be happy with the flower design since I already know how to pull that off? I guess it's time to start scouring Pinterest for boy ideas for his cake.

Have a great weekend.

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