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Monday, October 15, 2012

Take Twelve, October Edition

Hi friends and happy Monday. Last Friday I took up the Take Twelve challenge again from Ella Publishing. And I have to admit, it was not the best time to be stopping to take pictures as I had a million things to do BUT I DID IT! This just shows you that we need to push through those days when we are busy and stop to document our lives, whatever that looks like during that particular day.
I hope this will encourage you to play with us and pick a day (it doesn't even have to be the 12th day of the month) look for 12 images that capture your life right at that moment and document it. I'm sure you'll thank yourself later.
So here's how my Oct. 12th looked like...
1. I'm trying to add more fruits and veggie servings in my daily "diet" and I found this green smoothie recipe on Pinterest that I've been drinking for the past couple of mornings. It consists of spinach, banana, apple, strawberry and orange. It doesn't take the place of breakfast, in my opinion, but it feels good that I'm taking in all those good veggies and fruits in my system.
2. We are going to the library today and this is the sampling of all the videos, games and music we need to return. As a family that does not have cable nor netflix, we pretty much owe the library the bulk of our entertainment/media experiences.
3. It's fall and that means wardrobe today would comprise of a long sleeve shirt and a sweater.
4. Laundry day. I'm not excited about it but it needs to be done!
5. We went on a little trip to Denver in the afternoon and did a bit of shopping. Maddie wanted to use up her birthday money and Denver has all the stores we like.
6. Maddie got some really cool things with her birthday money and scored some great deals. That's my girl!
7. I too got some neat things including some cute accessories from Forever 21.{heart} that store!
8. The clean laundry that needs to be folded. Mitch help me tackle this chore. {heart} him as well. :)
9. My brain is getting frazzled with all the things I had to do so I took sometime and jotted my "to-do" list.
10. After that I quickly did my final homework for this week. Gotta get that in before the deadline.
11. The laundry is looking less of a monster mess and more of an organized pile when it's all folded neatly.
12. And finaly the time that I eventually got to bed. Whew what a day!
To learn more about the Take Twelve challenge and about Ella Publishing, please click here.
Hope you all have a great day
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