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Thursday, October 11, 2012

in a blink of an eye...she was seven

Last week my baby turned seven. How could that be? It truly was a bittersweet moment.
Here's the story of how this birthday girl celebrated her big day..
We started the day off by getting her dressed up and ready for school. We scored this dress at our Goodwill for super cheap. She's growing taller and taller and when we found this dress it as a big big but I loved the length so I used my sewing  machine to alter it a bit to fit her form. It had a short sleeve and the weather was getting a bit cooler around here so we added a small sweater with it. On a side note, Maddie wanted to wear this dress to school but I said she can't cause what if she would have PE that day. So the responsible girl that she is, made sure that she asked her teacher what the schedule for the day was before today so she's sure that she would be able to pull of the outfit without having to worry about PE.

She got to pick her gift at Walmart and got a birthday card (+birthday money) from Grandma and that's what we had waiting for on at the dining table when she woke up. I made her a hello kitty hair bow which she wore with her new outfit.

I literally slaved in the kitchen all morning to create these cupcakes and her cake. I took the cupcakes to school in the afternoon. More photos of this particular "cake making" adventure on the blog tomorrow.
When she got home from school she couldn't wait to open her gift. We got her on video opening her gift....

After opening her gift and finishing homework (for both kids) we headed to ITZ. It's like a chuck e cheese but with a buffet option. I had been keeping a few coupons and it worked well into our budget.

Look at the happy birthday girl with her glow in the dark birthday badge.

The fun thing about going on a week night was that the place was pretty much empty. The kids had the bumper cars all to themselves.

They each had an alloted amount that they can use on the games and it was working well. Mitch and I split so each kids can do their favorite games without having to wait for the other. I went with Maddie and Mitch accompanied Marcus.

Marcus found this one machine that had the claw and angry bird stuff toys. He had set his heart on getting one of the toys and so he swiped his card multiple times to try to win one. Mitch didn't stop him so Marcus built up an anxiety and stress over the game. Poor Marcus didn't recognize that the machine will just eat up his money and won't let him win the game or get the prize.

That's when our "happy" field trip went downhill. Marcus, after using up all of his game money, refused to let it go. My poor child couldn't accept the defeat and would not let the matter go. He cried and cried and cried and CRIED SOME MORE! One of his difficulties is seeing the big picture and allowing himself to turn his thoughts somewhere else and let the matter go. He didn't even want to claim whatever prize he can get at the redemption area. Nothing was consoling him, not even the thought of having pizza for dinner!

So we let "it" run its course and finally he calmed down and was able to enjoy his dinner. All the time taken out to calm him down took a chunk off of our eating time as we had to be home by 6:30 so I can go to my class. Of course we didn't come home on time but thankfully my friends (who I was carpooling with) waited and I was still able to be on time for my class.

After class the kids were anxiously waiting for me so we can pull out Maddie's cake, have her make her wish and blow out her candles and then have some cake. As you can see she was super excited at being seven!

So the candles were blown, the wish made and the kids were able to have a piece just in time before it was bedtime.

All in all, it was a good birthday for our little girl.

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