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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a blog vacation

Hello my blog friends. Today I'm going to be posting something that I've never done before....and that is an announcement that I'm going on a blog vacation. It's not the type that I'm going some place where there's beaches and sands or that I'm off to relax in a remote but beautiful location for a few days (although that is sounding sooooo good right now). No it's the kind of vacation where I'm going to shave off some of the personal expectations I put on myself and declare that I'm taking a bit of a break from blogging. My to-do list is extremely long and to keep my sanity,blogging will have to be put in the back burner until further notice. Wow that sounds so formal and I'm not that type of gal!
Anyways before I go and tackle my many projects and responsibilities, let me leave you with a few links that I think will be a good substitute for you while I'm gone. These are "must check out links" in my book and I hope you take sometime to check them out. :)
{as always, click on the title to visit the links}
This is a clothing/fashion site and I {heart} this place not only for their awesome pieces that are modest and super chic but I love how they photograph their lines. The stories that they create when they shoot the models with the clothes, is definitely inspiring for me.
If you want to get into the fall spirit and are looking for creative ways to embrace the season, hop on over to my pinterest board first. I have tons of recipes, crafting projects and decorating ideas. I've already made a mental note to try some of them as soon as my hectic schedule dies down.
Last year, I posted a little tips post on my photography blog. I shared some of my personal favorite ideas on how to get better Halloween themed photos. You can check that out here.
and finally a little video to help each of us be reminded that we can all CREATE beautiful things if we believe in ourselves and seek the guidance of the Spirit. I love this video.
So there you have it. Hope you all have a great week and if I can make a request...say a little prayer for me that I can survive this week and all that I have to accomplish in it. Thank you!
Till next time,

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