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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kid's Field day at school

Befor I start my story today, I want to give a little time to tell you why I share my family's stories here on this blog. I was watching the news this morning and found out that there's a blogger who takes the time to search the internet for parents that "overshare" their family's stories in the world wide web. It was said that this person, rips the bloggers stories and makes fun of their need to over share everything.
This made me think....do I overshare? maybe! but there's some personal reasons why I put up pictures and stories for all to read....1. Our dear family is far away from us. We are states apart and through this medium, I'm able to keep grandma and lola (gandma in tagalog) updated with the kid's activities. It's been nice to put up stories and accompany it with photos so they can visualize our life even if they're miles away.
The second reason is because I'm a memory keeper and having an ongoing journal to save all the stories while they're still fresh in my mind helps me build my "scrapbook" pages even before I print the photos and pull out my scrapbook products. It helps me be efficient and organized.
Everyone has a reason why they "share" stories and those are mine. If this blogger happen to stumble upon my blog and try to rip it and make fun of why I do what I do..I know not to be offended because I'm not doing this for him/her or any other stranger out there but only for me and my family.
Sorry for the rant, anyways...so about two weeks ago, on a Friday, the kid's school held their annual Field Day. It was a time for the kids to try out some physical activities and family's are welcome to support and cheer on their students. It had been a rainy week but the sun came out that day and it was a beautiful time to be outdoors...

I took lots and lots of photos as I usually do but to save my sanity, I'm posting a collage of photos for both kiddos with highlights of their activities instead....

Marcus did good with his events. He managed to get a blue ribbon (first place) in the feet tied relay race (sorry I don't know exactly what it's called). His ribbons were all over the board getting 3-6th place in the rest of his events. During the "cross country" event, he didn't had any energy or motivation to complete the whole race running. He walked the end tail of it which saddened me a little since I was cheering my heart out for him. I guess his energy was zapped and couldn't pull himself to push through. Oh well, I'm still proud of his achievement and now I know what I need to do to help him be more motivated to finish something and give it his best.

Maddie is my over achiever! She worked hard in getting all of her placements and getting an even number of 2nd and 1st place ribbons. You can tell that she's not going to take the easy way out by how she managed herself during her events. Was so proud of her. :)
So that's our Field Day 2012 experience.
Now off to enjoy the nice day today which I welcome after a C-O-L-D weekend. Can the Fall season really be over in my neck of the woods?
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hilde janbroers said...

such beautiful kids!! great photos!

Allison said...

What fun!! It is so beautiful up there...I'm jealous! :)