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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lacking cake decorating skills

Hello friends, Today is my daugther's birthday. She is celebrating the big SEVEN! Well it's not really big BUT in her eyes...it is HUGE! I too am feeling that it's a big number since she is my last child and that means that it's been seven years since I had a little person growing in my tummy. Seven years? could it have really been that long already?
Anyways she had requested that I made her a cake and/or cupcakes. I have a book that has all sorts of well decorated cakes and I do have a good recipe for fondant but I have to tell you (and for the first time, I am admitting this out loud) that I DO NOT have any cake decorating skills! I can spread frosting on a cake but that's about it. Here are some cake ideas that Maddie and I oohhhed and aaaahhheed over but unfortunately both her and I know that her mama won't be able to replicate it...
she about screamed with this one....
see even this one seems less threatening at first but then I studied the detail on that crown and oh my, my stress level started going up the roof!
So after much debate and searching around, we are going to "attempt" to make her something like this. I figured with a flower cutter and some colorful fondants we "might" be able to make something decent. What do you think?
Thanks for stopping by and now I'm off to create something that would look decent and still be edible. Wish me luck!
BTW, all images found on Pinterest. You can find my cake pins on my pinterest board, link is on the side bar. :)
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