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Monday, November 14, 2011

a new addiction

sometimes I think that I've already spend way too much time on the computer and then I discover a new site that's totally addicting. I'm talking about Polyvore. Great site to make your own boards. I especially love the endless collection of clothes that I can put outfits together with. I also have realized that although I love color, I only wear then sparingly, such as the case in this outfit...

shopping or lunch date outfit
I started this outfit off with the cute green top and then I wanted to add some pop of color and ended up choosing maroon since it's a "fall-ish" look.
What do you guys think?
If you're interested to see Polyvore yourself, check it out (click on the link provided above) but let me remind you...it's addicting! You have been warned!
Till next time,
*sorry for the change of font after the image, somehow google/blogger is acting up with me and I don't know why)

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