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Sunday, November 2, 2008

halloween hoopla

ok so besides being such a busy month, I'm particularly happy that October is over and done with cause that means that Halloween is over. Costumes are put away and candies given out.

So what did we do during that most "sugar-hyped" day? well we started off by watching Marcus perform with all of the Kindergarten class in his school at the School District's office. He was so cute dancing and singing to a fruits and vegetable song. I love that the class was sending a "healthy" message while being totally adorable.

Here's Maddie while we waited for the kids to arrive in their school bus. I've finally found something that can occupy my kids while we wait- playing games in my phone. Maddie was playing some bowling and when she got a hit, she proudly showed it to me.

Here's Marcus in the midst of all the youngsters. I'm so proud of him and how he's slowly breaking out of his shell, both figuratively and since he has the costume, literally too. LOL

After the thing, I couldn't resist taking some shots of Maddie outside the building. She's a total goof.

And then that night before I went to work we went to church for our ward's Trunk or treat. There were not much people but all those that were there sure had a lot of fun, especially the kids that had all those candies to pick from.

The missionaries got into the spirit by tricking people. One of the elders got into the car and hid behind this black umbrella and every time somebody reaches out to the basket of candies, he'd spook them with his hand. He even got the bishop. Totally funny.

There were definitely some decked out trunks. Really impressive.

Here's Maddie in the "parade".

After that they were handed out some fun toys and she got this funny glasses.

Oh, I flat ironed her hair so I can twist it just like Belle. Her hair is so thin, I couldn't really do much but it was kinda fun seeing her with straight hair.

So that's it. I'm looking forward to a new month.


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