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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a week in "my shoes"

One of the people that I admire "creatively" presented a great challenge a few weeks ago about documenting a week in your life. Now I was really into it, thinking about it endlessly, finding so many opportunities to bust my camera out and play along but at that time I decided not to make my "crazy" life even crazier. But this week seems to be promising so this week I vow to play along. With hands up, I'm promising to document this week in "my shoes"........

I worked a 12 am-4 am shift today. Yes you read it right, midnight through the early am. The people at work knows that I don't work on Sunday's so they made sure I work right when Monday starts. Groovy huh! Anyways I got all prepared for it, going to bed at 6:30pm the night before and sneaking in another two hours when I got back before I started another day. I was fine and thankfully a bottle of this was within my reach to give me my needed "pick me upper".

Today I tackled chores. I've been reading a great book (more about this later) and it said that my house doesn't need to be immaculate all the time. Now my house was never immaculate but I did let a week slide without doing chores so I needed to catch up and get my furnitures dust free and toilet sparkling clean. *smile* Here's a pic of my laundry. Fun stuff, huh?!

Because I worked that morning they didn't schedule me for the night. Woohoo. Got to do family home evening with the family and got to watch Heroes when it was actually on. Then hit the hay at 10 pm cause I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Today was another good day. Maddie's preschool class had a field trip at the Santa Ana Zoo. I took the kids there early this year already so I opted to stay home instead. Got my packages for the gratitude challenge raks all packed up and mailed today.

I was able to work out and got caught up watching my America's Next top model episodes. Thank goodness for Youtube. I'm so addicted. Now I'm a multi-tasker, through and through so here's what my computer desk looked like while I was getting caught up with ANTM.

Tonight I worked and got to finish my book, finally! It's due at the library tomorrow.

So this is the book I've been learning a lot from. I think it's a great book. Most of the things she suggest a mom should do/have to get a balanced life, I am already doing but there are a few things that she made me realized like....1. I need to let go of the desire to have it all, all at once. It's just impossible. So now I'm taking it all in and know that I CAN have it all, not just all AT ONCE!!! 2. It's ok if my house is messy some of the times, as long as there is food on the table, kids are cleaned up and floor is "walkable", everything is going to be fine! and 3. I need to have a life too, I'm not just a mother (although that's my main role). I need to give me some personal goals cause if I cling to my kids all the time and do everything for them they won't learn.

Yup good stuff!!!


And today I did this again.

So loving this song. Seriously, I haven't busted a move since college but this one just makes me happy and "dancy". To my sisters, we seriously need to get together and do a choreographed dance again. I have some routines already in my head. *smile and a wink*

So that's what I have so far. I promise, I will continue to strap my camera with me like an extra limb and take photos of what I do, where I go and why I wear my shoes like I do.

Have a great day,

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honugurl16 said...

That looks like a great book. I think I'll check it out at my local library. It looks like something I need right about now.