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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

exercise #3

Ok I was feeling a little sad that there's just one response with my challenge. I thought more people would be inclined to doing this with me. Oh well, I'm still doing it so I guess that's something I am "grateful" for. I know at the end, this would be a good exercise.

Know though, that you don't have to be a scrapper to join. Everybody can benefit with this, even if you don't scrap!

Ok so my personal report on Exercise #2....
I didn't really do much with this. Although there was one time yesterday when Maddie and I were eating lunch and she mentioned the magic word to me. I said "your welcome" and told her that saying the words "thank you" makes Mommy feel happy and appreciated. I then asked her if she feels the same way when we say thanks to her. With mac and cheese in her mouth she nodded and said sorry for ruining my chapstick! Ok I guess I got way over her head that she quickly changed the subject! Funny girl!

I do think that my kids understand the concept but I just need to be consistent in expecting those words from them cause if I waiver they will be right back to forgetting to say it.

So Exercise #3 is ..... Tonight write down what you appreciated for today- an approach that many studies have shown leads to a positive change. Do this with your family as well and the author added that if writing down makes it feel forced, just talk about it. At first the kids will say the generic things they are grateful for but with good example from us, they will slowly start being specific and some might even surprise you.

so for the rak for this exercise.....
you'll get some fun random stuff
(Heidi Swapp travel chipboards, Daisy D's stickers, laser cut leaves, acrylic block and photo corners.)

Have a great mid week day,


jennmom2000 said...

We do this every night (well almost every) after the dinner blessing on the food as we start to eat. Its great and my kids love sharing what they are thankful for that day. I try to remind them that they can include these things in their prayers.

honugurl16 said...

I started a journal at the beginning of the year. It's my gratitude journal. I got the idea from either Cathy Zielske or Emily Falconbridge's blog. Every Sunday, I reflect on the previous week and write down 7 things I'm thankful for. It's good reflection time, and it allows me to focus on all that is good in my life.