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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Camping trip recalled......

hay, finally a post about something other than the gratitude challenge or papercrafty items! I know that's what my family's probably thinking. Sorry and I know it's been long overdue, so without any further comments, here's what we did last weekend.......

We went to our annual camping trip at the Mojave desert. Every year around this time we go to a place called "hole in the wall". It's called that bec. when that area was filled with volcanoes, the volcanic dust caused clouds of smoke that hardened into beautiful mountain like structures and bec. it had gas vapors in it, when the dust clouds hardened these pockets of gas popped therefore causing "holes in the wall". Very cool place.

The weather was very nice out there. The sky was blue, not too hot nor cold although the wind by the end of the trip made it a little bit chilly. But no worries we were all bundled up.

We left Friday morning. I took a picture of the two laundry baskets full of camping food and the back of our expedition. I thought it was sooooo funny that we were packing such an amount of stuff for a 3 day trip. But we wanted all the comforts of home so it was all worth it.

Here's the look of our camping spot and all the beauty that surrounded it. I took the picture high on top of one of the hills. Yep we hiked and walked all around. Great way to get the exercise in there.

That night the kids wanted us to read books to them (cause that's what we do at home) but since we didn't have books Mitch just started telling them the stories. He definitely know how to get the kids' attention. He told the "three bears and Goldilocks" plus "three pigs" stories.

Mitchell's brother Paul came along and on Saturday him and Mitch went out to hunt for quail birds and rabbits. Paul got a bird and Mitch got the rabbit.

While they were hunting, the kids and I hiked around and then chilled at the campsite. Here's Maddie looking pretty in pigtails. Oh and I just noticed the lovely "dirty" hands she has there.

Here's Marcus "chillin"

And I got Marcus to take this pic of me and Maddie. He's become quite the photographer.

The following morning we were awaken by some really hard winds. I thought our tent was going to be swept by the wind, while we were in it! Needless to say we did our best to quickly get out of there. When we got in our car, the car's temp was registering this.....

definitely brrrrrr!!!! Then when we drove to the place to throw our trash away, we saw this......

very cool! The wind seemed to have followed us all the way to Barstow where we had some breakfast. I took a picture of the trees getting a beating from the wind.

So that's our trip. I really enjoyed it for so many reasons...... being with my family; being "PRESENT" at the moment and not worrying about work, scrapbook deadlines or computer; having some chill time; sleeping for a long period of time (it seemed like the time passed by so slowly in Hole in the wall cause the kids and I were in bed by 8pm plus I took a nap); hiking and seeing the beauty of the nature just makes me happy and of course roasting marshmallows are always a plus.

Catch you guys later,

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Becky said...

Thanks for sharing those sweet memories from your camping trip.