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Thursday, October 30, 2008

projects to share...

what would be a post with out some Scrapbook share? well thought I'd break it down today so as to not have a wayyy tooo long of a post.

Ok so here's a quick and easy way to dress up those Halloween treat bags you need to bring for your kid's class or for your Halloween party favors.

I made this for Maddie's preschool class. They had their Halloween party today and each parent had to bring something for each kid. Now you all know that right now I'm pressed with time so I made it a point that I wouldn't stress myself out too much with this and yet made sure that I presented my "crafty" side to all the moms. LOL.

All I did with these tags was designed it in MS word, grabbing a clip art and adding some text. Printed them off on white cardstock, cut them, punched a hole and used some of my inexpensive ribbons to tie them to my clear treat bags. I loved the clear ones cause kids can see what's in them and also that the bags didn't clash with my ribbon nor my tags.

And while catching up on my Heroes show last night, I covered my new journal. Journal writing is definitely something I've missed doing and have promised myself that despite my overly packed schedule that I will take time to write again. So to inspire me to do my goal, I prettied up a simple notebook.

I used a paper line complete with tags and stickers. Then rummaged my ribbon and flower stash to add the final touches. This is so simple to make and you can even make a big batch of this for some homemade Christmas gifts.

Speaking of Christmas projects, I've noticed that a lot of people have been making my altered post it notes lately. I'm so happy that people are being inspired by the projects I share here in my blog, with that being said, is there any projects that you've seen me share that you would like a play by play instructions on. I wanna be of service to you my dear blog readers. *wink* So just leave me a comment and I'll try to post as much as I can.

Oh and one last thing...I was reading my November Family Circle magazine and came across a neat article about gratitude. In the article are certain challenges that the author asks us to do to to help us (and our family) really understand the many things that we should be grateful for. So next week I'm hosting a week long "gratitude" challenge here in my blog. It would vary from things you write to things you need to do. So are you up for it? I wanted to do it myself cause I think it will be a great theme for a thanksgiving mini album. I will post the challenges everyday and have random raks to share as well. Hope you'll stay tune for that! It'll be fun.

So that's it.

Have a spooky day tomorrow. *wink*


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Pamela said...

Love these! Great work!