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Monday, November 3, 2008

exercise #2

I guess people are still working on Exercise #1. I do hope you all try this. It feels good inside when you have a grateful heart.

As for me, this is what I did for Exercise #1....
- I lead the dinner and family prayer last night and thanked the Lord of all the blessings I have. After that I vocally thanked Mitch, Marcus and Maddie for what they bring in my life.
-I made some pork roast dinner last night and all my family were thanking me for a good dinner. I said welcome and commended them, especially my kids, for the good gesture.
-My kids sometimes forget to say thank you or please when they need something, so yesterday and today, I made sure that they don't get what they want until I hear the magic words.
-I made sure that I thanked each person that affected me in a good way last night and today like:
-my brother Gary for meeting me at their condo gate to get the DVD so I don't have to drive in
-my neighbor for alerting me of a strange lady sleeping in my driveway. Oh boy what a morning I had! That will be detailed in a later post.
-the sheriff that responded to my call to get that stranger out of my property. Although they were over 30 minutes late in responding.
-Mitch for getting me a box so I can send an overdue package out.
-Maddie for picking up her toys as soon as I told her to.

I think the big thing I learned from this exercise is everyday is a good day to notice your blessings and being aware of saying the "magic word" really does put you in a good mood and I'm sure whoever is receiving the "thank you" appreciates that too.

so I'm ready for the #2, are you?

here it is

Exercise #2 Connect the dots "explain why it's important to be grateful when someone helps you out" Now this article is geared to teaching kids to be grateful thus the exercise but I'm sure you can apply this into your life. Inspire me, I'm sure you can!

so for this exercise, whoever participates will get into a rak for this....

There are over 30 pieces of fun Christmas stuff here. These are from Becky Higgins card kit from last year. It has tags for gifts, cardstock and chipboard circles with Christmas sentiments on them, brackets and transparency greeting. Fun stuff.

Have a great day,


hannie said...

I read ur post yesterday and told myself I must give this a try on my two boys, but that also means on myself as setting a role model for them. Thought it would be easy but it turns out that it was so hard, I guess I'm not really a good role model to them sometimes :D

jennmom2000 said...

I talked this over with my kids. Wes got it. He said it makes them glad they helped us and helps us all have good feelings. Payton said, "Because thats nice." Kylie said, Gratitude is being thankful for what someone does for us."