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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

sorry, no photos

life is rolling around here and I feel the need to take some time to share events/happenings here cause this IS still a family blog and it wouldn't be fair to my wonderful family if I just show paper stuff all the time, right?!

Well there's some stories to share but unfortunately no pictures to go with them, so excuse the lack of visuals, sit back and scroll down to hear the latest on the Tolmans......

Ok so Halloween is done. Woohoo. Kids got a TON of candies. I've been sneaking the whoppers, musketeers and the kit kats. Shhhhh! don't tell ok.

Saturday, I worked in the morning. I've been promoted at work as a counter supervisor and needed to go through some training so I did that in the morning while Mitch and the kids drove to Laguna Niguel for a cousin's baptism. That night Mitch and I went bowling with my brother Gary. It's been a loooonnnnggg time since we've bowled. Gary kicked our butt, Mitch was close second and I was the big looser. But it's ok, it was all fun. After an expensive hour of bowling, we hit the pool and played billiards. That's another thing that we haven't done since we got married. I remember doing it one time while Mitch and I were dating. Oh how time flies. I think, if my memory serves me right, Mitch won one game and Gary another, again I'm the big looser. Well what can I do, I'm not the bowling, billiard playing kinda girl. It's all good though! Oh and today I dyed my hair too. I bought my own kit at Walmart, thinking I've done this before so how hard would it be, right?! Well I got a little more ambitious this time and bought the ones with highlights and I totally messed up. Some of the highlights were way toooooo light. I think I kept those ones way tooo long that I should. Good thing is that when I part my hair to the side, instead of the middle, it hides those strands that are over bleached. Definitely NOT going to do that again!!!

Sunday- was very happy that I got an extra hour of sleep and it was fast Sunday at church, meaning I didn't have to cook breakfast. Woohoo! The day looked good already! Got dress early and sneaked it some impromptu family photo shoot before heading out the door for church. Christmas is just around the corner and I'm slowly planning my Christmas cards so a good family picture is definitely a priority for me right now. After church we just hanged out the house. Love these days.

Monday- so yesterday morning, I had quite a scare.... I was cleaning my house, like I always do on a monday morning when my next door neighbor knocked on my front door. When I opened it, he told me that I have a strange lady sleeping on my driveway between my car and the garage door. What!!! I went outside to investigate and there she was, a lady who looked like in her 30's, dark hair, fair skinned but very dirty sleeping away on my property. Freaked the "bygolly" out of me! Called Mitch and he told me to call Sheriff's dept. I didn't know the number so off I go and searched in the Yellow pages. Later on when I tell this to the Sheriff who came, he laughed cause I didn't know the number off the bat. He then gives me his card and told me to stick in the ref in case I would need it again, my reply- Hope I would never have to!
Anyways after over 30 minutes and a follow up call, the police came, tried to wake her up then when she wasn't responding called the paramedics and in less than 3 minutes, there they all were infront of my house, the paramedics, an ambulance and a fire truck.
I learned that this lady has been in and out of the hospital bec. of drug addiction and when she falls back to her habit, she would just crash into people's lawns and businesses. What kind of life is that!
Oh I was so happy when they wheeled her out of my drive way.

Tuesday- today is a rainy day. It's all good though cause California sure needed it. I also voted today. Felt good that I'm participating in a very important event in American history. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

So that's it for right now. Hope you all that could vote will go out and make a stand.

Have a great day,

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