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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

exercise #5

ok so we are on the last exercise for this challenge. Still feeling grateful? I am but seriously I don't have time to actually do the deed! I feel sad but life is life.

Personal report of #4- It's on my mind, believe me, but haven't done the action. It's going to be done though! It will be done!!! Liking the positive thinking?

Exercise #5...
Give to others..
this is a big one.....the strategy: Volunteer as a family at a local charity. "showing privileged kids that everyone doesn't have the same advantages makes them more appreciative. " Now I know this is going to be a hard task to do in a day or two so I just want you to COMMIT to something that you will do in the near future to fulfill the assignment.

Post your "commitments" and you might win this....

It's a 4x4 minibook made as a sample for an add on kit I did a few months back. The book is completely done so all you have to do is fill it with your pictures and thoughts. Even my non scrappy friends who wants something fun and creative can get in with this prize so comment away.

oh and for those waiting for those fun camping pictures..... it's on my list, and it will be done. Sooner or later!

Have a great day,


Leisha said...

How cute I need to go back and do the first few. I have decided to do the twelve days before Thankgiving and do things for me family each day. This year we are actually going to stay home, it will be nice. I hope that you are enjoying your holidays! And great job on all of the work that you and others did with proposition 8!

jennmom2000 said...

Oh gosh! This is really hard. I think ts especially hard with little kids. We did clean the garage today and bagged lots of stuff to donate. I am taking them with me to drop off our used stuff. I will have them go through their toys and pull a bagful to donate. Does that count?

hannie said...

Didn't know that this challenge is coincidentally going at the same time I made cards for a charity going on today by some friends. Initial plan is to bring my two boys or at least the elder one with me along with the trip to St Rose Convent, but hubby came back during this time. But have told them that I'm going to join them for the next trip!